Michael, thanks for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment. I wish you would have a full name on Medium so I could tag you and reply.

I checked out your profile and the responses you have written to other pieces. They are quite thoughtful and eloquently written but I can sense some sort of bitterness and anger which is reactive and doesn’t have an intention of having a conversation.

I normally do not debate or discuss things online with those who call my writing “nonsense,” my articles “inane” or full of “blather in one paragraph” simply because they show disrespect for my writing and my thoughts. I find it surprising that you have the time and the energy to reply to article you consider silly or without reason.

Therefore, I am not going to sit here and waste my time justifying my beliefs. It is clear that you do not intend on having a discussion. You are stating your point of view (actually, in this case taken out of context because if you look deeper into my writing I don’t expect men to do it all for me like you have implied and I use #metoo only to ask women to move on and take responsibility… but anyhow, I digress…) and that’s perfectly acceptable.

I thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best.

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