Nare, thanks for your reply. Interesting points you bring up :) I don’t have a quote I live by as I constantly change and my ideas and views of the world change as well. But if I would pick one it is the one I mention in the article that describes objectivism: “Realize your highest potential by pursuing rational ends. And live in harmony with others by respecting their right to their own life and happiness. The result of this philosophy is a life of reason, purpose, self-esteem. A philosophy for living on earth.”

As to your point about us living a good life because someone else has changed history — I agree with you and I am grateful for it. Although, again here it’s very hard for me to “feel” this gratitude because I have not participated in it, in the wars, in the revolutions and in the marches. I know a lot has been changed because of social and political movements in the 20th century because people voiced out their opinions and stood for their rights. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. But then again we live in a different world and a different reality today. My cause and my only cause at this point is to realize my highest potential while finding my own happiness. So many people do not know who they are and what their values are and yet they march on the streets and are very vocal about their human rights and political views. I am bringing up a critical point of view in saying I will not march or agree or disagree because I feel guilty if I don’t… I will not voice my opinion out because I have to. I am confused and I am not sure. Sometimes I think the world is going mad and other times I also think that everything we know is a lie. So we can’t be sure of anything really, it’s all a matter of perspective and subjective opinions. Democracy gives us the illusion that we all have a voice and while this might be true, the majority wins and then we’re left with 50% of population being angry and frustrated at the choice of the other 50%.

The only thing we can be sure of is who we are if we’re willing to do the work. Times change, political systems and presidents chance but we are in control of only our life and how we react to those. I am not sure when I shall support a cause and even if I don’t, that’s ok. I always see the views of both sides and I am not quick to jump to conclusion or other sides. Everything has another side of a coin, like a I mentioned in the article. Maybe it is an irresponsible position in today’s world of being neutral but this is is how I feel at this point. I probably travelled too much and half of the time I’m in a new place with new people and new language so I’m confused in general. LOL

Here is a more “spiritual” approach to explaining the situation that I 100% agree with (a girlfriend of mine sent it to me):

Hugs ❤

Femininity & Relationship Coach | Claimed Podcast Founder & Host

Femininity & Relationship Coach | Claimed Podcast Founder & Host