look at the moon and it doesn’t shine.

It hides its shyness.

Who am I in the moonlight?

Who am I when everything fails?

Who am I when everyone goes?

Who am I when everywhere is dark?

Bare. Naked. Raw.


The me that was always there.

The little newborn girl that came out of the womb.

The little infant girl who was discovering the world and love.

The little me who lost her mother when she was eight.

I am still me.

The teenage rebel who knew deep down she is destined for greatness.

The young college me who didn’t know any better.

The young working adult me who tried to prove everything to everyone.

Only to realize that it’s not worth it.

I am still me.

The 25-year old me who decided to pack her bags and travel the world alone.

The one that had her heart broken multiple times only to go back and pick up her broken pieces so she can sew them all together.

The 26-year old me who met his 40-year old.

The young woman who grew and flowered with him and his love.

The young woman who gave birth to his child.

I am still me.

The girl whose dreams came true.

The girl who is still moving, flowing, having bigger goals and dreams.

The girl who wants to change the world.

I am still me.

A woman. A mother. A wife.

A wild one who knows her worth. Knows her power. Knows herself.

Becoming the new me.

The woman I was always supposed to be.

Wilderness. Fire. Nakedness. Death of old. Birth of new. Going deeper.

I accept the quest. I accept the challenge.

It is time.

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