Raman Shalupau I think it’s amazing that you’re sharing how you did this and it’s quite inventive (although, I didn’t read until the end through instructions ;) BUT… don’t want to discourage you but I personally think that this quite possibly is useless just as Facebook has become useless :) at least to me. Before building this have you asked yourself the “why” question? Like why would you go and check whether you’re compatible with a friend who you quite possibly don’t even know? This might work well with romantic partners but nor friends. Or people interested in astrology but like obsessed about it :) and that gets me thinking that you actually might sell it to them! Haha we’re all different and something that I find ridiculous and useless, a woman in California super into astrology might find this interesting and pay for it. And vice versa :) I guess you need to test this!

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