Female Success. Redefined.

Girlskill is here to empower you in a feminine way.

Girlskill is here to remind that women can succeed without giving up who we truly are.

To remind you that you should be proud of being a girl and to bring you closer to your true wild true nature.

We believe in truth, authenticity, freedom, love, boldness, nurture, passion and magic.

We are redefining female success or taking us back to its true meaning, depends how you look at it.

Girlskill is a girlfriend who you love to hangout with.

She is easy. She is flowing. In her world there are no problems, only opportunities. She lifts you up, not down. She makes you laugh and cry at the same time, she listens and is compassionate but gives you the kick in the butt. She tells you she’s proud of you and always encourages you to pursue your passions, your creativity and your dreams.

She is feminine and knows how to use her femininity to her advantage as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

She is aware of the power she holds and is always careful with it.
She doesn’t need arrogance, resistance and a raised middle finger to get what she wants or fight for justice.

Girlskill is a mystical animal: a combination between a wolf, a fox and a unicorn.

She is simple yet very profound.

She is raw and vulnerable and fragile at times.

She truly embraces her feminine nature, the range of her emotions and moods, thoughts and her rich, creative soul.

She sees men as her companions and partners. Not as her rivals.

She knows that they will succeed together. Like Bonnie & Clyde, Like Batman & Catwoman or like Frank & Carrie Underwood.
She is mystical. She is nurturing. She is powerful.

She is skilled at killing it and is killing it with her skills. Yes, that’s a play on words.