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Reinstating the Collective Feminine/Masculine Balance with Helen Jacobs

Girlskill Podcast Episode 127

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About This Episode

Helen Jacobs is an author, psychic, and mentor who works with purpose-driven individuals and groups seeking guidance in their search for meaning and purpose. Via her weekly podcast, The Guided Collective, her newly published book, You Already Know, as well as a range of workshops, courses, and events, Helen shares insights and teachings she receives from her spirit guides to help us develop and listen to our intuition so that we can live our best lives.

After a spirit visitation from her aunt in 2001, Helen started the journey to connect more fully with her inner and higher guidance. For more than a decade, Helen has guided thousands of people from a place of a growing sense to know why they’re here deeper into themselves discovering the truth of who they are and how to show up in the world as their full, authentic self.

“Tapping into my spirituality and intuition by default was asking me to step out of this very structured corporate environment and into something that was far more creatively expressive and clearly highly intuitive… When I looked back I realized that what [spirituality and intuition] were showing was really stepping me into my femininity and womanhood.”

Join us for a conversation about juggling motherhood, stepping into womanhood and the necessary deep process of reinstating the balance between feminine and masculine collective energies. Here are the details of our discussion:

  • Why our relationship with the world of Spirit is important
  • Helen’s journey to becoming a psychic
  • Why following your intuitive flow is paramount to knowing who you are
  • The intertwine between feminine and masculine flows in Helen’s life
  • The constant juggle of motherhood
  • Practical advice on how to achieve work-life balance (if that even exists!)
  • How children are our mirrors and classrooms
  • Why resistance is a good thing and why you should we follow it
  • The collective Feminine energy and its role in today’s times
  • Massive shifts in consciousness and where it will lead us
  • Feminine/masculine on a mass scale coming into balance
  • And much more…


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