Rodica! Thank you for your reply! Here is my response/suggestions to your comments (if you are open to them :)

  1. Your reason for freelancing is quite clear so I would keep focusing on that and getting into talking to people who’re doing it, reading about it and maybe investing in some interesting books about this lifestyle :) However, I would be a little careful with saying the financial side of things is not important now, even if you are figuring things out and are studying. Yes, you can be doing work for free while gaining experience but anyone who is getting or giving work for free is having some degree of leisure and not taking your seriously. You have to be paid for your work especially if you are good at it or even if you’re just good at getting things done. A lot of people are not, especially when working remotely. So I would build up my profile and put a price per hour or per project. And even if you work part-time you will need to use your time wisely. Maybe your first project could be on an “experience” basis but don’t stay there too long :)

2. Looks like you really like writing, working with people and doing simple design. Maybe you can check out content marketing and email marketing? I think you might be good at those :)

3. Yes, I think working remotely first to understand how things work is a great idea before jumping into freelance.

4. Love the lifestyle description. And then again, the things you are describing require you to make more money right (to afford the healthy lifestyle etc.) so I would still work for money even in the beginning :)

Hope this helps! Good luck! ;-)

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host