Set Your Man Free

A Practical Guide to a Thriving Relationship with Him & Yourself

We need to stop parenting our men. We need to stop telling them what to do, making decisions for them, planning their career, their social interactions and future paths.

Set him free. Watch him fall and let him return victorious.

Here is how you know you’re on this path of self-destruction and downfall of your relationship:

“A man’s life is an escalator going down.”

— Mila Levchuk.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is his life’s mantra.

Live a good, easy life and make you happy. That’s it. That is the secret to a man’s happiness.


He just wants peace.


Ready to Upgrade?

Step 1: Stop Being the Man.

Step 2: Replace the “Man Project” with the project of “YOU”

Queen B knows what I’m talking about.

Ready to Upgrade?

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