Facing my fears and exploring my resources.

Starting My Online Business: My Fears & Resources

What if it doesn’t work? What if I spend a lot of time, money and resources and nothing comes out of it? What if this business will cost me my relationship and family?

And what if it is not “The Idea”?

- A clear strategy, vision & message
- Defining avatar & researching competition
- Develop kick-ass branding: an awesome logo & a brand style guide
- Develop a killer content strategy
- Create & launch a website (on Squarespace.com)
- Find & hire an illustrator
- Plan & manage social media (my least favorite)
- Plan & organize marketing strategy
- Setup lead magnets & marketing funnel
  • I have experience in developing an online project of my own where I faced challenges and difficulties and learned valuable lessons. Now I know what I would do differently.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Confidence in myself and in my own power. I’m older and much wiser now, I’ve gained more business and life experience. Now I know that I am able, willing and that I have it in me.

“Is this a business or a hobby?”

And I know if “it is a business” I need to treat it as such. A business exists to make a profit while solving a problem and making a contribution to the world. A hobby… well, it’s just a hobby. That’s what Maninside Show was for me. Quite possibly a lot of entrepreneurs do not succeed in their adventures because they take it too close to heart and thus, they make decisions from the heart more than they make it from their minds. A healthy balance is essential.

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