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The 4-Step Process to Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs About Men

Make the biggest change, shift and transform who you are and what kind of men you’re attracting

If I was to describe the work that I do with women in my Claimed program to help them start attracting committed masculine men they would be:

  1. Feminine Embodiment

Here is the 4 step process and the questions you can use to go through it:

1. Identify limiting belief (+ payoff)

Step 1: Identifying limiting beliefs + Payoff

  • Limiting belief:
  • Actions are created by this thought/belief:
  • Identify the payoff:
  • How am I right/better/justified in thinking this thought?
  • Why am I unable to change?
  • What do I think/do/get that makes me feel better about myself when I think this thought & act it out in the world?
  • What is deep below this?

Step 2: Reframe into new belief

  • Who would you be without this belief?
  • How would you show up in the world without this belief?
  • What is a more positive thought or belief your body wants to believe?
  • What action would this new belief have you take?

Step 3 &4: Release old belief and embody new belief using feminine embodiment practices and coaching (this is where I come into the picture as your coach and your guide.)

I hope this framework will be able to help move through and overcoming your beliefs about men so you can start attracting better men.

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