The Story of Emma & Jack (Finale) — Day 34 of 99 Days of Wander

Jack woke up that day full of energy and enthusiasm, but also a little anxious and nervous. After all, it was his first appearance on TV. He wasn’t the TV kind of personality and didn’t love the cameras much but today was important. Today is when he was being interviewed by the “big guys.” It was his chance to gain public attention for the new invention he’s been working on for years in urban planning.

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“Don’t forget, tonight 7.30 P.M. Liberty Hall — Jess’ gymnastics show. Please don’t be late.”
Just like when Benji was looking at Daisy…
Jack showing off his powers.
Even Emma Stone knows what’s gonna happen next.
Baby, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. I had crazy interviews all night and ended up at this party with Frank & Nathan. I’ll be home late. Kisses to you & Jess. X
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