Tony Conrad if you are referring to the Girlskill PUblication — the purpose of the publication is to have various points of view on the role of female success in today's world. I don’t see dominatrix and male leadership in a relationship as contradictory… perhaps they are simply parts of a different spectrum? I mean they are completely different things and subjects so not sure we can put them both on the same scale… The bedroom is, of course, a different dance. Even in a relationship sometimes the feminine partner might take the lead, but not in the majority of cases when polarity is to be respected. In the bedroom as well. Most of us want to be ravished and taken (penetrated if you will) but occasionally, at times we want to be the ravisher ourselves. The bedroom is a fantasy playfield :) There are plenty of sites like this and writings for men: David Deida, John Winefield, Bryan Reeves etc. You just need to look for it :)

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

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