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Top 8 podcast interviews with men on relationships, feminine/masculine polarity, and much more…

In November 2019 I started a special segment on Girlskill Podcast interviewing men on relationships, masculine/feminine polarity, and masculine leadership.

I was curious to see what men thought about the current gender climate, relationships, and the polarity dynamic between men and women. I got to interview some of the biggest names in the industry including John Gray, Mark Groves, John Wineland, and many more.

As a result of these powerful conversations, I got to expand my view about what men want, their position on the feminine/masculine polarity and what masculine leadership means to each and every one of them.

But, most importantly, I got to validate a very simple concept: that men want to be providers and protectors and that they’re here in service to the feminine.

You see, so many women complain about the fact that there are no good men around. They like to point fingers at men blaming them for all their troubles. They like to see a villain in the patriarchy and they never stop to ask themselves “How am I contributing to the problem? What inside of me needs to change in order for me to start attracting different men?”

These questions are a sign of becoming curious about relationships and men. When you’re curious, you’re open to ideas and open to exploration. You’re willing to take an extra step to understand, see another point of view, and expand your horizons. You’re willing to have a conversation and listen.

Most women never truly listen to men. They don’t even bother asking questions and understanding the male journey and the struggle of embracing masculinity, especially in today’s confusing times when men are made to question their masculine essence every single day.

So today I bring you an option to become curious. These conversations will challenge and trigger you. They will open doors for you that haven’t been opened before. They will provoke and encourage. And they will certainly make you laugh (like a good sexy conversation with a masculine man should ;-)

Ready for the ride?

Buckle up and enjoy the journey.

Here are my top 8 interview episodes with men from Girlskill Podcast (in order of release date):

1. #130: The Masculine Checkout Syndrome with Bryan Reeves

2. #132: The Boy Crisis & The Myth of Male Power with Warren Farrell

3. #137: Satisfying the Hunger for Masculine Domination and Feminine Submission with Joshua Hathaway

4. #140: Digging Into the True Heart of Men & Full Spectrum Masculinity with Dan Doty

5. #142: The Uncivilized & Unapologetic Man with Traver Boehm

6. #143: The New Model of Masculinity: Clean Anger, Boundaries & Integration with Mark Groves

7. #145: Honoring Your Wild Feminine Heart and Your Desire to Be Penetrated with John Wineland

8. #147: Beyond Mars & Venus: Polarity, Hormones & Communication with John Gray Mars Venus

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Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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