True Feminine Power & Why Modern Female Empowerment Has Got It All Wrong

Plus, 16 ways to step into your real feminine gifts


The traditional, “visible” models of power are inherently masculine: achievement, progress, net-worth, muscles, and access to financial resources.

So what is feminine power and why do we need it?

Femininity itself is power. We have been led to believe that it is our weakness when, in fact, it is our greatest gift.

Female power sits in a woman’s hips, her heart and her womb. So many women are completely disconnected from the neck down because it is quite unproductive to “be in the body.” Modern women are disconnected from their hearts and wombs and are constantly in their heads rationalizing, intellectualizing, strategizing and “being busy.” Constantly “parking” their bodies at desks in board rooms and meetings we have lost touch with our own deeper, instinctual knowing as women.

“I’ve been just living life on autopilot in my 20s and 30s, not really engaging with life. Not really allowing myself to feel and just be.”

What I am trying to do is turn the tables around and help see women what I see: that we have always had power. Perhaps in obscure, hidden ways. Perhaps in subtle ways. We have just never been taught how to use it and really reap its benefits. I see this as a tremendous opportunity and a much healthier mindset than talking and blaming the patriarchy and all the other forces that are keeping women disempowered.

Today’s reality for a modern western woman involves access to masculine power that has never been quite possible. And so the main question is why would she need a man?

I am suggesting a new paradigm for modern relationships: where healthy masculine and healthy feminine come together in a partnership. Where we use and leverage our natural gifts and powers to create a better future. Together. The future is not female. The future belongs to self-aware, conscious powerful men and women who create abundance of resources and possibilities.


An empowered woman is happy & fulfilled.

So being fulfilled becomes the essential quest for a woman. Once this quest becomes a priority, everything else is simply created and organized to support this quest. Does this career fit your idea of fulfillment? Does this relationship support your image of fulfillment? What is the lifestyle you would choose to further enhance this idea?

16 Ways to Step Into Your Feminine Power:

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