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Venezuela to Costa Rica: Lessons on Leadership & Shifting Careers with Hannah Zambrano

Girlskill Podcast Episode 03

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Born and raised in Venezuela, Hannah has an incredible story of packing her life into suitcases multiple times for various reasons and moving across the world in search for a new life, new job, new dreams. It’s a personal story of leadership, courage and ambition.

This Latina is on fire. At 16 Hannah had to literally “run for her life” and move to Costa Rica with her mom. She calls this step the best decision of her life. She started working at 18 and had the dream of traveling on her vision board, with one single image: a plane in the air.

Today she has two business degrees, 15 years of customer support leadership experience and is currently working in product development in Berlin, Germany.

Besides a very wise definition of femininity and success Hannah will also share:

  • the story of running away from Venezuela to Costa Rica in search of a better life when she was only 16
  • top three lessons you need to be implementing right now to set yourself and your team for success
  • the reason for switching careers from customer service to product development

Quotes from the episode:

“Femininity is strength and kindness. It goes from power to gentleness, sensuality and nurturing… to rage and destruction.”

“It’s flawed if you look at the definition of success in the dictionary. It only means something when you compare it to a different point. For me success is to compare myself of yesterday to the self I want to become.”

Tools & Resources Mentioned


  • WhatsAppSimple. Secure. Reliable messaging.
  • BearWrite beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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