The Power of Podcasts and How You Can Start Your Own

Ideas, format, content and editorial processes behind Girlskill Podcast

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Welcome to Podcasts

If you’re not a podcast addict yet, you should be. Podcasting is the best, easiest and most efficient way to consume information.

Podcasting is where you have a voice and you give a voice.

If you’re a woman and have lots to say about the current realities of the modern feminism era, there will never be a better time. There is so much to discuss and figure out. This is the time for the female on-demand radio streaming format to flourish. There will never be a better time to jump on board and voice your experiences and your opinions because we are all in this together.


The idea for your podcast has to be unique and it has to be yours. If you copy/paste someone else’s podcast it’s going to drown in all the podcasts out there. The best thing you can do is find a niche to play in and be the main voice in that niche. Love cosplay and weird office supplies? Start a podcast about that. Love the outdoors and the new tech toys in the video game industry? This is your niche. You have to be pretty obsessed with your niche subject and be able to talk about it for hours and hours with strangers.

seems like outdoors and games industries are already taken…


I’m an interviewer. I’m interested in people. Having an interview-style podcast is easier because you don’t have to come up with your own subjects all the time. That seemed exhausting to me, although with time I started releasing solo shows as well.


Ok so now I know that I will interview women about their journeys, femininity, and success. But what am I going to ask them? How? When?

  1. Do you consider yourself successful?
Name one thing you can’t live without?Best gift you’ve ever received?Best gift you’ve ever given?What’s the hardest part about being a woman?What’s the best thing about being a woman?If you had a tattoo, where would it be?And so on. 
  1. It puts the guest into a cool perspective where we get to know them through these questions first and not through their official bio.
Here is the 9-step format for all Girlskill Episodes:1. Beginner’s cut (powerful quote)
2. Branded Intro
3. Anna Rova’s intro
4. Interview: Blitz questions
5. Interview: Femininity & success question
6. Interview: Journey
7. Interview end: Tools & resources
8. Anna Rova Outro
9. Branded Outro

Editorial Process

In the beginning, I have outsourced the audio branding and editing process as well as guest research and show notes. These two parts have cost $1,000 monthly for Girlskill production and have been by far the biggest cost to the business.

Here is how my editorial process looks like right now: 1. Guest interview booked in
2. Guest researched
3. Interview recorded.
4. Intro and outro recorded
5. Writing the shownotes (website & show notes copy, beginner cuts, episode titles, social media descriptions, Tools & Resources notes and links)
6. Show notes & audio recordings passed to editors with instructions
7. Editors submit final audios & adjust if there are any changes
8. Podcast covers created
9. Episode gets uploaded and published on website
10. Promotion of episode on social media and email list

Ready to Upgrade?

I’ve created a free video training on “The Lie of Female Success” and what you can do today to get out of the modern female epidemic. If you follow these steps, your life and your relationships will change very quickly.

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