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When He’s a “Nice Guy” But You’re Just Not Feeling It — Here’s What’s Going On.

You’re dating a guy. He’d do anything for you. Your friends think he’s amazing. There’s just one problem: you’re not sure how you feel…

Here’s what she said:

And here are some of the responses from the women in the group:

To every woman who finds themselves in this situation, I ask three questions:

1. How does it feel?

2. Are you attracted to this man?

3. Who’s holding more space for who?

What matters most is what you feel in your body.

As feminine essence women, we have a deep need to feel safe.

As nice as it might sound to have a man who “would do anything for you,” this is not actually what we crave as feminine essence women.

Long-term, you don’t want to be with a man who you don’t respect.

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