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Why Healing Your Relationship With Your Father Leads to Healing Your Relationship With Men

And how can you make the first steps towards accepting your father for who he is

Because after years of doing personal growth and diving deep into relationships, I intuitively knew that my relationship with dad is the key to fixing my relationship with men.

From dads we learn and form beliefs about who men are, how they behave and how relationships look like. We learn what men want, how they treat women and see masculinity for what it is in Him.

Looking for love

If we want to attract a mature masculine man, we have to get our “daddy issues” sorted before we meet him. We have to realize that men won’t fix, replace or erase those dynamics and they will never replace our fathers. These are two separate (important) roles that need to be engaged with differently.

Our parents can’t give us what they don’t have.

Anna Rova’s personal archive

Making the first step

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