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Why Masculinity Needs to Be Celebrated with Baba Richard Moore

Girlskill Podcast Episode 134

About This Episode

Baba Richard Moore is the other half of the “Infinite Couple” and is the co-founder of The School of Alchemy and the School of Feminine Transformation. Richard and Namaste are “Metaphysicians and life and relationship Alchemists who facilitate the transformation of the mundane into the Precious utilizing the Wisdom of the Ages.

“I am expected to look out for and to be visionary and use my time, my talents and my abilities such as they are to provide a good living that my family could then take advantage of and have all the goods and services that provide enjoyment and stability for them. That’s my role. That is my honor. I am fulfilled by that. I am energized by that. I want to do that.”

Join us for a conversation about why modern men need to wake up, how polarity is the foundation of the dance of courtship and why we need to opt-out of the war on masculinity. Here are the details of our discussion:

  • The Infinite Couple’s mission to end the battle of the sexes
  • How to restore the balance between masculine/feminine energies
  • A transformative experience that shaped Richard as a man
  • What is masculinity?
  • Celebrating the differences between the masculine and the feminine
  • How polarity fuels the dance of courtship
  • Men/women vs masculine/feminine
  • What is masculine leadership?
  • Why today’s men have to wake up
  • Opting out of the war on masculinity
  • And much more…


Tools & Resources Mentioned


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