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Why The Decision of Choosing Your Partner Is The Most Important Decision of Your Life

How to attract men who elevate and enhance your life

Anna Rova
5 min readOct 27, 2022


No matter how much this statement triggers you, it is true.

A good coach will push your boundaries respectfully and in a gentle way (or a harsh way depending on whether I feel you can take it.)

So today I want you to hear this truth:

The decision of choosing your partner is the most important decision of your life.

It’s not which college you go to or what career path you take.

It’s not what you invest your money into or which neighbourhood you choose to live in.

And it’s not even what people you choose to surround yourself with.

The most important decision of your life is the man you decide to be in a relationship with and, if you choose to, marry.


Because the choice of your partner will dictate everything that happens in your life, in the lives of your children, and their children, and generations to come.

No pressure. 😅

It affects everything.

From the restaurants you dine in to the countries you travel for vacation.

From the neighbourhood you live in to the college your kids will go to.

From the quality of groceries you buy to what kinds of books and podcasts you listen to.

From the people and family you will be surrounded with day to day to the opportunities and experiences you will be exposed to.

And don’t even get me started on the karmic connections such unions create…

Your future partner is someone who is supposed to elevate and enhance your life.

Read that again…

And again…

And again…

Are the men you’re attracting and are surrounded with at the moment elevating and enhancing your life?

If yes, please stop reading this article — you don’t need my advice.

If no, read along.

This was definitely the case with my husband, String.

When I met String, I was floating through the world. I had a good life, I was confident and happy within myself. On a scale of 1–10, I think I was somewhere around 6 in terms of what was available to me and how I would live my life.

When String came into my life it was almost like I was catapulted into a new reality!

Suddenly there was this man in my life who behaved differently from what I had experienced before…

He was mature and secure within himself. He was exercising regularly, had a great job, could teach me things, could expand my mind.

I admired and respected him.

I thought like I won a jackpot! (Don’t tell anyone but I think String will also agree that he had won a bigger jackpot 🎰)

I felt exhilarated, on cloud 9, and I couldn’t believe my reality!

And this is how that reality looked like in practical terms:

  • He asked me to be exclusive and invited me to live with him in an apartment in Mexico — all expenses paid. We then travelled the world together living in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Bali, Thailand, Spain and then Australia. All I had to do is say YES. He took care of everything else.
  • I was also catapulted into a completely new family dynamic which I haven’t experienced before… Where parents have healthy, stable and deeply connected relationships with their children and grandchildren. Where they actually have a good time over family gatherings: laugh and crack jokes! What a revolutionary concept 😅 I felt admired, welcomed like they were all waiting for me to enter String’s life and give them heirs to this amazing bloodline (Can you tell I’ve been watching too much of “House of Dragon?!” LOL)
  • When I graduated from girlfriend to wife and took String’s family name it’s like I instantly let go of all my family karmic tragedies and story lines that I kept repeating and entered into a new reality! And so did my children. Thank you.
  • Turns out String and I love the same podcasts (Joe Rogan), respect and follow the same thinkers (Jordan Peterson.) We’re in sync most of the time because we have the same values. We have deeply intellectual conversations and he always tells me I am smarter than I look 😎
  • And, of course, meeting String was a turning point in my career and life work. He gave me wings and loaned me his balls so I can play big and say YES to myself and what I want. Talk about serious masculine energy entering my life.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to understand that this work is the most important work.

What is even more important to understand is that I didn’t meet String randomly out of luck.

I don’t believe in luck, especially when it comes to love.

I met String because I was ready.

String has mirrored and is still mirroring who I am and what I think, feel and believe about myself and what I deserve.

And so is the case with you.

The men you are meeting are reflecting back to you what you feel, think and believe about yourself.

It’s called The Mirror Principle.

Don’t like what you’re seeing in the men you’re attracting?

Time to change that for good so you can make a great decision about how your life will unfold going forward.

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When you understand the importance of making the right decisions when it comes to a man in your life and focus on making yourself the best version you can possibly be to attract that kind of a mate — your future will be bright, abundant and happy.

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