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Why You Need to Hire a Relationship Consultant to Find a Husband

Get smart about your dynamics with men, invest in yourself, and fix this issue for good because you’re worth it

Kate, who signed up for my group coaching program yesterday, wrote this on her discovery call application:

“I realized the last few weeks that I need to apply the same thought to finding a husband as I do in business. Meaning if I had an issue I would hire a consultant to assist me and give guidance with my business. I would do the work and the research and apply the findings. I am not getting the results I want in my love life so time to reframe hire the consultant for my love life.”

Kate is a smart businesswoman who understands that time is money.

She also understands the value of investing in herself to solve a big pain that she can’t solve on her own.

When you hire a consultant for your business or career you usually do so for several reasons:

  1. To save time
  2. To follow a proven system
  3. To have the support and guidance of an expert because you can’t figure it out on your own

When it comes to your business or career you can absolutely justify spending $10,000 on a consultant who can take you from point A (we have no systems or processes in place and everything is chaos) to point B (we want to streamline our processes, remove bottlenecks, and create more profits and customer satisfaction.) And again, you’d want to do it because:

  1. You don’t want to waste time figuring this out on your own
  2. You want to follow a proven methodology that simply works (Why reinvent the wheel?!)
  3. You want someone to be there to tell you the best move in a particular situation so that you play your cards right

Why can’t women apply the same logic to finding a husband or fixing their relationship patterns with men?

I’ll tell you why.

Because women think that their love life and relationships will figure themselves out on their own.

Like it will just happen.

Of course, it will happen!

Surely I’ll find someone great?!

It happens to everyone. And so it will happen for me too. I will be married by 35 and have at least a couple of kids, the dog, the house — the whole package.

And so here is what actually happens:

Scenario 1: they indeed end up in a marriage and perhaps with children but they’re deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. They realized that they married an effeminate man who doesn’t take charge and responsibility for his family or a man who’s emotionally unavailable and narcissistic. Not a great scenario.

Scenario 2: they end up single time and time again, hitting the same patterns of attracting unavailable men or men who’re predominantly in their feminine energy, not understanding what they’re doing wrong.

And so women who are smart and savvy start looking for solutions.

They’re looking for answers and a way out of this never-ending cycle of him not showing up, ghosting, or again saying you’re great but he’s just not ready for commitment. 🙄

They start reading books, listening to podcasts, signing up for intimacy courses, and taking classes to help them understand romantic relationships and how men work.

But there comes a time when, just like in business, when you realize that something is missing. That you want to follow a proven system and someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about and get help to change your patterns for good.

You also realize that instead of spending another three years trying to figure this out on your own, you want to actually buy time and enjoy your life with a great life partner by your side.

There is no time to waste.

Your biological clock is ticking and you don’t have the time to do it by yourself.

You want someone to guide you through the process of change and transformation so you can finally upgrade your belief system, embrace your femininity, and start attracting much better men: committed masculine men.

Here is where I come in.

And a smart woman like Kate understands that she needs to work with someone like me to solve her problem of hitting the same walls with men and help her find the right husband.

So if you’re a successful single woman, get smart about your dynamics with men and love life. Invest in yourself and fix this issue for good because you’re worth it.

You see, most women think that when they become successful — the great men will come.



Because whatever has helped you achieve great success in your business or career is definitely not helping you find the right man who stands strong in his masculinity, takes charge, and leads the relationship.


Because all that drive and ambition and “go, go, go” energy is a masculine way of being and behaving.

Your man doesn’t want to compete with you. Romantic relationships are not a match of whose balls are bigger, whose paycheck is thicker, or whose wall of achievements is fuller.

In fact, most masculine men won’t care how much money you’re making as long as you know who you are, have an interesting life, and know the power of your femininity and your sexuality.

That’s what they want.

A woman who knows how to be a woman.

And how do you know how to be a woman in a culture and a society that first has repressed and oppressed women for centuries and now tries to compensate for that massively by eradicating femininity and feminine power from all women?

Well, you have no fucking idea because no one talks about it in a way that makes sense.

Some do but what they do is just send you a few little gimmicks and tricks you can have up your sleeve.

Here is a texting guide with some phrases you can use to make sure he’s on the leash (although this whole dating scene feels disgusting and fake).

No, wait. Here is an actual manual on how to be feminine with some rules on how to play the dating game (although you feel that you actually don’t want to play THAT game and you’d rather prefer to be just you).

And here is what you need to know about getting the guy and getting him back! Just politely smile when he comes in through the door trying to appear relaxed (although your head is about to explode about the fact that he’s a total idiot and has forgotten AGAIN to take care of important things).

And just wear skirts, pretty makeup, and make sure your body language is open and suggesting emotional availability (although you view women who are ultra-feminine as weak and like they’re some marionettes controlled by their powerful husbands).

Yes, great, but HOW DO I ACTUALLY DO IT in a sustainable way?

How does it feel in your body to be a feminine woman who stands in her power?

This is the conundrum.

Lucky for you, this relationship coach and consultant (me) has figured it out!

In my work with women I focus on three things:

  1. Feminine/masculine polarity in relationships and how to fully embody your feminine side of polarity where you can let go, trust and surrender so you can finally stop trying to control everything and everyone and just let your man lead
  2. Reframing belief systems about men, women, and relationships so you can finally let go of beliefs that are driving your pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable men who can’t commit
  3. Dropping from your head into your body so you can stop overthinking, overanalyzing, and constantly living in the past or in the future instead of just being free in the now in your feminine being fully, thus being magnetic to men just by being you!

I run a powerful group coaching program for successful women where I help them start attracting committed masculine men in less than three months.

Here are some results the women I’m working with are seeing:

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And here is my reviews page >>>

Want to know more?

I’ve created a free video training on what you can do today to break through the patterns of attracting feminine or unavailable men so you can attract and keep your committed masculine man. In this training, I share the 3 key proven shifts that my clients and I have implemented in our lives so we can thrive as feminine essence women in our lives and our relationships.

Sign up for the webinar training here!



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