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Why You Need to Hire a Relationship Consultant to Find a Husband

Get smart about your dynamics with men and invest in yourself and fix this issue for good because you’re worth it

Kate, who signed up into my group coaching program yesterday, wrote this on her discovery call application:

  1. To follow a proven system
  2. To have the support and guidance of an expert because you can’t figure it out on your own
  1. You want to follow a proven methodology that simply works. (Why reinvent the wheel?!)
  2. You want someone to be there to tell you the best move in a particular situation so that you play your cards right

So if you’re a successful single woman, get smart about your dynamics with men and love life. Invest in yourself and fix this issue for good because you’re worth it.

You see, most women think that when they become successful — the great men will come.

Because whatever has helped you achieve great success in your business or career is definitely not helping you find the right man who stands strong in his masculinity, takes charge and leads the relationship.


In fact, most masculine men won’t care how much money you’re making as long as you know who you are, have an interesting life and know the power of your femininity and your sexuality.

That’s what they want.

A woman who knows how to be a woman.

And how do you know how to be a woman in a culture and a society that first has repressed and oppressed women for centuries and now tries to compensate for that massively by eradicating femininity and feminine power from all women?

  1. Reframing belief systems about men, women, and relationships so you can finally let go of beliefs that are driving your pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable men who can’t commit
  2. Dropping from your head into your body so you can stop overthinking, overanalyzing, and constantly living in the past or in the future instead of just being free in the now in your feminine being fully, thus being magnetic to men just by being you!
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