Your opportunities are equal to your beliefs.

How I got angry at a feminist.

I sometimes take a peek into the “feminist” podcasts for research purposes and again and again realise why this kind of “research” is detrimental to my work and my own podcast.

And I get angry. Really angry.

And also kind of in shock that women think the way they think and talk about these issues like it’s #truth for everyone. While I really appreciate these women’s work and activism, I can’t sit still when I hear another women saying that because she now is married, society and other men expect less of her… She had to even hide her ring because of that.


Maybe I do live in my own bubble but I am proud to be married to a great man that I love and in fact, I am stronger as a woman because I have a string masculine partner.

The fact that I will have children is a proud fact for me to acknowledge and I understand it comes with a sacrifice to my career and business, but I also can’t wait to experience the joy of motherhood. It’s an incredible journey I WANT to embark on.

There can be multiple business opportunities and careers out there for me before, after and during pregnancy, but there is only one cervix, one vagina, one womb and one child (possibly two at a time) in MY FEMALE BODY.

When did the joy of motherhood, womanhood and femininity become such a freaking struggle and something to be ashamed of or sacrificed? I’m pretty sure I will indulge in memories of my little girl or boy discovering his first ever passion for drawing and spending time in bliss with my loved ones than that special moment when I sold my company for $$$$$$$$$.

I know this is a difficult discussion but I sometimes can’t believe some of the things women are saying and actually believing them to be true.

This angry post was inspired by “A Feminist Marriage” episode on “Stuff Mom Never Told You.”

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Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host