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My “Identity Crisis” After Having a Second Baby

How I’m dealing with it and why every coach needs a coach (sometimes two) of their own

Anna Rova
4 min readNov 30, 2021


Gosh, it feels good.

It feels good to sign up for coaching with someone who can hold space and guide me into my next level of growth. 🌟🎉✨

As a woman, a mother, and a coach, all I do is give, give, give.

Right now I give so much more because I have a newborn. I give with my breasts, I give with my arms, I give with my sleep.

I give with my whole body.

So this week I signed up with not one but two coaches:

1. Leadership & Business Coach who will help me navigate this next phase of my life which, honestly, I would describe as an “identity crisis.”

It feels vulnerable to even admit that because being a coach myself I’m supposed to have all my shit together and be perfect (not).

But how can I admit that I’m going through a massive transition and an identity shift and still hold space for my own clients?!

Well, here is a truth bomb: every coach is constantly growing and evolving and needs a coach.

Those who don’t are stagnating and not moving forward. (Unless they have magical abilities to coach themselves. I don’t.)

Besides, my next level of growth does not include the area of life that I coach in (men and relationships, although it certainly has elements of that since my lover and husband is also my business partner 😅), so my clients can rest assured that I am in integrity with what I teach.

What I’m stepping into next is something I have to go through which then will be transferred to my clients but through my lived experience… so watch this space!

This particular journey is all about finding balance, ease, and joy with my new roles as a mother of two, an entrepreneur of an expanding business while still being a lover, wife, and partner to my awesome CMM (Committed Masculine Man).

2. Acne Nutritionist 🙌🙋‍♀️ My journey with adult acne is a whole other post and story. I’ve been documenting my healing journey on Medium since March 2017. And it’s still not completely solved. 😔☹️😩

There is just too much volatility in my life and I can’t seem to stay on course myself…

In the last five years, I got married, moved to Australia, grew 10X with my business, had two (!) babies, and moved… again!!!

How insane is all that?!

I haven’t really paid attention to the “stress” of these events because to me it’s all “normal” but actually it’s not.

It’s too much!

So that has all been reflected in my eating habits and my health.

I technically know what I need to do (“Just don’t put cookies in your mouth,” says String. 🙄 Oh, husband, if it were as easy as that, all women would just be in perfect shape without any body and health issues), but I can’t do it on my own.

It’s bigger than me.

So when I found a nutritionist who had a holistic approach to healing acne, my heart was filled with hope. 🙌

And hope is why we sign up for coaching.

Even if it’s just a tiny bit of the light at the end of the deep dark tunnel of whatever it is we’re struggling with, it’s worth taking this journey.

Just the same way my clients start feeling hope that they can have a different dating reality with men and experience relationships differently, I too start feeling hope that overwhelm will go away and I will find the answers to the very complicated questions of business, life, motherhood, and health.

You don’t need to struggle and do it on your own, especially if you’re a woman.

Invest in yourself, rely on someone else to guide you through the tough times, let them hold space for you so you can focus on what’s most important.

“Leave this with me,” said my coach even before I sent her the payment.

“I got this,” said my husband when I shared my troubles.

Ah, yes! That’s what I want.

And I want to feel that in all parts of my life: support and someone else to hold me while I can be weak, vulnerable, and imperfect.

Where are you struggling now and are you thinking of working with someone to help you?

(And, of course, if you’re struggling with men and relationships, you know where to find me and Claimed.💞)

P.S. I will share more info on the coaches after I’ve done the work and have results to report.

P.P.S. Here is my post about my healing journey with acne to be updated at the end of this coaching round.

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