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Transcending the Feminine/Masculine Labels with Steve James

Girlskill Podcast Episode 135

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“Steve James travels internationally teaching somatic practices, meditation, as well as leading explorations in contemplative, mystic, & relational realms. Known for his direct, grounded approach and his dedication to first-hand research he has extensive experience in elite athletic performance, contemplative and spiritual disciplines, the arts, extreme outdoor survival, and human behavior.

Steve’s unique range of experiences and deep understanding of human behavior, elite performance, spirituality, and interpersonal relationships is highly sought after by leading figures at the highest levels of the arts, entertainment, and business. In his private client practice, he specializes in the unique interpersonal and strategic challenges faced by very successful and highly visible individuals. Ongoing clients include Oscar-winning actors, multi-Grammy-winning musicians, CEO’s, and multi-billion dollar fund managers.

In addition to private client work and international public workshops, Steve has recently designed ground-breaking teacher training programs with Michaela Boehm. These industry firsts include comprehensive training in the area of intimacy and relationships, coaching skills, and the original Non-Linear Movement Method®.”

“There have been some fundamental shifts in the cultural aspects of how gender roles are defined. This becomes particularly clear in relationships. What is a man actually and how should he act? What is a woman actually and how should she act?… Reationships just don’t serve the same purpose as they used to. Men and women don’t need each other in the same way they used to.”

Join us for a conversation about navigating modern gender roles, embracing who we truly are and exploring intimacy as the constantly changing and challenging realm of relationships. Here are the details of our conversation:

  • What does Steve find attractive in a human?
  • Fear as the state of readiness in the face of the unknown
  • What is masculinity?
  • The changing terrain of modern gender roles
  • How mating strategies influence our behavior
  • Navigating modern relationship needs and intimacy
  • Feminine/masculine identities as roles we’re playing
  • What real intimacy is and why it’s a tremendous threat to our roles and strategies
  • And much more…


  • Michaela Boehm — Michaela Boehm is among the most gifted and in-demand teachers, speakers, and counselors to be found globally today. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela received degrees in Psychology and further extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, and NLP. Upon moving to the United States in 1994, she quickly became a counselor to the stars in Hollywood, California, and her on-going clients include Oscar-winning actors, producers, writers, multiple Grammy-winning musicians, CEO’s, and multi-billion dollar fund managers.


  • The Wild Woman’s Way by Michaela Boehm — Discover how to create and enjoy a pleasure-filled and meaningful life with this practical tantra handbook for the high-achieving modern woman.

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Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host

Femininity & Relationship Coach| CLAIMED Podcast Founder & Host